I have looked in the manual of How

Things Should Be, and apparently

It is still possible to feel better

Than you have ever felt before. I might

Have skipped some pages to get there,

I believe it's so we always might

Have something new to discover.

Well you say, how about this morning bliss?

Right, how perceptive and thoughtful of you

To ask. Well, to start with it's a fine morning,

And I'm here with my love, and for all

The ills of the world, I seem to have found

A place, or it has found me.

And how are you today? Is your morning Going so well you just might break into song?

We could do that together, if I were there.

How is it, you could be anywhere now, at any

Time of day or night — maybe it is

Even your favorite time, and you could tell me

About it, and why you like it best. I would

Be very grateful to hear that, and perhaps

To be there, of a quiet morning or out

In an electric night, whatever it is.

Perhaps we could go to breakfast together,

After the pandemic,

We've always liked that.