Queen Nectarine by Ariana Nevarez

I miss you, Queen Nectarine.

But I'm glad you're in Topaz

among the mountains

following fires. I'm glad

some guy in the squad bet you couldn't

beat their fastest hiker. I'm glad

you used your winnings to buy a bass.

On the next group hike, show them you

can walk with a water bottle balanced

on your head. I'm glad you're still

roaming through the redwoods.

Put your ear against their bark

I'll put a hand against my cheek—

whisper to my redwoods in Boulder Creek

Could you send a sweet "hello" to her for me?

so you know, I'll always write you poetry.

Maybe one day, the words and bass

together will whisper and mingle in music.

Below the sky that blues us both,

low riffs strumming at the bass

of mountains roaming

from your fingers

along your mind...

We'll sing of reigning fruit.