infamously / you bring snow / I'm still talking about starting fires / wherever I go / this / country turned out to be / not quite the place I thought it would / in the cracks / I see you / this life of ours together / imagine that

ship wrecked and searching / the pot of gold slipped back under / you bring the water / I take the heat / this isn't how I thought I'd see / the altar / you'd call it a kiss goodbye / I'd call it giving up / I call myself the loser

smashed and grabbed / it's getting colder / my eyesight is poor / but my ears / hear all the way to your door / the rooms and spaces / I'm unwelcome / the bed / I'm unwelcome / the family table / you call me jealous

and unstable / while I cling for life / to anything that floats.

July 8, 2021